Trusting your body and the process | My Intuitive Eating Diaries

One of the hardest parts about learning to be an intuitive eater is letting go of control and trusting your body. Learning to trust your body and its hunger and satiety signals again is one of the biggest hurdles you will overcome in this journey. I know; it seems hard, scary, daunting and probably totally... Continue Reading →


Roast Vegetable Summer Salad

Notes: This recipe makes 4 serves which will keep in the fridge for up to four days. To maintain freshness, make sure spinach is dry before adding roast veggies and only add the dressing when ready to serve. Be sure to join me over on Instagram (@eb.fiitness) for daily motivation, recipes and fitness tips! xxx

My Intuitive Eating Diaries

The journey to ‘intuitive eating’ is a long, hard, bumpy road. Don’t ever let anyone fool you into thinking its easy. Coming from a background of obsessive calorie counting and disordered eating, I knew this was going to be a tough journey to break these habits and find peace with releasing control over food. But... Continue Reading →

Booty Burning Legs Day Workout

Legs day is my favourite day of the week!  If you're looking for a legs workout that is reeeeally gonna make you feel dat booty burn days afterwards, then you need to give this workout a try! I do this legs workout on Monday and feel it all the way through to at least Thursday.... Continue Reading →

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