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Hi there! My name is Elise and I’m a self-confessed health foodie, fitness enthusiast and all round lover of life! Two of my greatest passions in life are being active and moving my body and also experimenting and getting creative in the kitchen! I love sharing with others just how great healthy food can taste and even more so, just how great these foods make you feel!



I believe living a healthy life is all about balance, moderation & listening to your body. I completely changed my lifestyle for the better a few years ago when I made a commitment to living a more active lifestyle and adopting a wholefoods based diet. I cut processed foods from my diet; committed to eating organic, whole foods; started exercising regularly; & educated myself on all things fitness & nutrition. And the result? I’m happier, healthier & more energetic than ever!

But my health and fitness journey hasn’t always been linear. I went from eating completely all processed, sugar-filled foods and having no focus on health to developing an obsession with clean eating, over exercising and food restriction, which lead to many physical and mental health complications. For two years, I was on this crazy health roller coaster, totally consumed by the industry and #fitspo portrayed on social media.

But how I was living wasn’t enjoyable nor sustainable, and I’d eventually had enough and decided I needed to change. I finally saw the light and realised there was more to life than having abs and being ‘shredded’. Its a long, slow, uphill journey to recovery but what’s important is that I’ve now taken the first few steps.

So now, my health and fitness approach is simple; it’s all about balance and everything in moderation. No extreme diets. No crazy intense exercise regimes. Just listening to your body and finding what works for me. The balanced approach I implement daily includes exercising in ways that I enjoy and resting when my body needs it, and eating foods that make me feel good – this includes plenty of nutritious wholefoods but also healthy treats and indulging moderately.

I can assure you living a balanced lifestyle is far more sustainable, healthy & enjoyable. And that is exactly what I want to use this blog to promote. Its also about promoting a healthy, balanced way of living. Its my collection of simple and wholesome recipes, effective workout ideas, inspiration, realistic health tips and basically all my favourite things!

So I hope you’ll join me as I share my passions and insights! I’m by no means an expert and will never claim to be; but I’m just sharing my knowledge from first hand experience.

My health transformation on Goodness Me Box Blog: https://blog.goodnessmebox.com/gmb-health-transformation-with-elise-blight/


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