Conquering the fear of the weights room

The weights room can be a scary, intimidating place for us ladies. 
Before I started Kayla Itsines BBG guides from home back in 2016, I use to be a member of my local gym. Back then, I use to absolutely DREAD every time I went to the gym, for two main reasons:
  1. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. No program, no guidance and no experience. I would just go in blind and hope for the best. This pretty much led me to spending all my time in the cardio room because I felt safe in there and knew how to at least use a treadmill.
  2. But mostly I hated the gym because I always felt like people were watching me and judging me. I’m naturally a shy person and I just always felt so uncomfortable and self-conscious in the weights room. My head would be full of thoughts like: “is that person watching me”, “they’re looking this way I must be doing something wrong”, “I probably look so stupid and uncoordinated right now”, “just blend in, don’t draw attention to yourself”, “oh my god the weight I just put down made a noise and people are looking. Back to the cardio room now.” I was basically full of anxiety and fear every time I stepped foot in the weights room.
This was back in the days before its became more ‘normal’ to see girls in the weights room. The weights room was a very ‘male dominated’ place back then and I’m sure many of you can relate the uncomfortable and totally out of place feeling that came from being a ‘lady’ in the weights room. 

But! Fast forward to the present day, and my gosh let me tell you how this has changed!

After 2 and a half years of working out in my living room (or as I use to call, my ‘Safe Room’) I finally got up the courage and joined a gym again! And luckily for us ladies, during this 2.5 years, it became a hella lot more normal for girls to be lifting weights and be seen in the weights room in the gym. 
I’m now happy to report I am no longer that girl who only spends time in the cardio room; in fact I rarely go in there unless it is for a brief warm up on the treadmill.

I’ve well and truly conquered my fear of the weights room! So for any girls who currently experience this fear of the weights room like I did, here are a few things I did and that I realised that helped me overcome it;

  • Always have a plan before you step foot in the gym. This has been a major game changer. I now know exactly what I will be doing before stepping foot in the gym each session. I have my programs prepared for me by my Health Coach/PT (who is also my Sister) and I stick to them. This gives me confidence that I AM doing the right thing; where previously I had no idea how to structure a session or even use weights, which led to me feeling super self-conscious because I felt like I was doing things wrong. But now with my program in hand, I can confidently walk into the weights room. 
  • Other people in the gym are too busy focusing on what they are doing to be caught up looking at what you’re doing. They are not watching you or judging what your doing. Let me tell you, in the case of most guys I see at the gym; they’re too busy starring at themselves in the mirror or taking a ‘flexing’ selfie to be looking at you! Everyone is there working on themselves; they’re not concerned what the person across the room is doing.
  • Use wireless headphones! Get yourself a good pair of wireless headphones and a killer playlist and put these in as soon as you enter the weights room. This helps me stay in my own little bubble and block out everyone else around me so I can just focus on me and slaying my workout. 
  • Realise everyone feels a little insecure and self-conscious. Your not alone if you still feel a little insecure and self-conscious about working out in the weights room. Chances are, a lot of those around you are feeling the same way.
  • Know that everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t be embarrassed if your lifting the lightest weights in the gym. Everyone has to start somewhere. If the girl or guy next to you is lifting twice your weight, just remember, a few months ago they were probably in the same position as you lifting lighter weights. But progress takes time and perseverance so don’t get disheartened. 

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