Valentines Weekend in Sydney – foodie stops, bar hopping & jet boating

Being a girl from the 'burbs, I'll take any chance I get to spend a weekend in the city and what better occasion than a romantic weekend away with my better half. We had such an fun, action-packed weekend in Sydney so I wanted to share with you lovelies a snippet of the highlights of... Continue Reading →


Super Satisfying Green Smoothie (with a secret ingredient!)

It's summer time here in Australia so all I feel like every morning for breakfast is a big smoothie or smoothie bowl! I love that the options for smoothies are just endless, but I always seem to come back to this Super Satisfying Green Smoothie time and time again. Smoothies are mostly made up of... Continue Reading →

No-Tella Bliss Balls

Happy World Nutella Day!! I absolutely adore Nutella but in choosing to eat a wholefoods based diet, sadly, that does not include Nutella as it is highly processed, and filled with sugars and artificial ingredients. So as World Nutella Day approached, I made it my mission to create Nutella inspired recipes that were healthy, wholesome... Continue Reading →

Banana Ricotta Wrap

This is one of my favourite breakfasts to have on a week day morning. So quick and simple to whip up before I run out the door to work (yes, literally because I'm running late everyday!). Plus, it taste so sweet and indulgent; its like eating dessert for breakfast! The banana caramelises from being toasted... Continue Reading →

Mexican Salad Meal Prep

I'm a big advocate for #mealprep! I truly believe setting aside 1-2 hours a week to prep - whether that means prepping complete meals & snacks or just prepping ingredients to use to make up components of meals - is absolute key in staying on track throughout the week. When your meals are planned, prepped... Continue Reading →

Raw Vegan Cherry Ripe Slice

When looking to adopted a healthier lifestyle and diet, the number one thing people worry about is the feeling of missing out. They think by choosing to eat 'healthier' foods they can no longer enjoy the foods they love - chocolate, cookies, brownies, cake, ice-cream... But let me tell you, I eat these foods on... Continue Reading →

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